The Shroud of Aset

Here is an excerpt.

    There was little doubt that the ancient civilizations of Earth were linked to one of the planets orbiting Rebelon within the Heisod nebula. The chance discovery of a set of polyhedron shaped structures on Rebelon’s second planet, Keto by the first Tesla-Flicker to enter the quadrant set the stage for the inclusion of an archeologist on every follow-up interstellar run. An archeologist, like young Clive Hansen along with a companion automon, was now part of every away-probe to Keto.  

   Although Clive was not the first archeologist to study the connections to Earth through excavations of the pyramid complex, he would be the first sent to study Keto’s largest pyramid. 

  Analysis of previously found artifacts and physical remains by his predecessors within two smaller structures in the megalithic complex seemed to suggest a necropolis. The stonework was laid out in the same form as the burial sites of the Egyptians and the Maya Clive had studied on Earth.

   Arriving at the compound, Clive was stunned by its enormity. The central pyramid’s smooth alabaster coating blazed in blinding reflective light from Rebelon as if it were the main beacon within the planetary system. Towering above Keto’s cratered surface, it stood twice the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. According to the automon’s carbon dating probe, the pyramid was seventy-five thousand years old. 

   Clive easily detected the main entry; then tasked the automon to record all of his activities and comments during the examination of the structure.

   The perfect north location, determined from Kato’s magnetic field, matched the true entries found at both the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Chichen Temple of Kukulkan on Earth. Once inside, Clive found that the ascending passage shaft to the anteroom of the grand gallery also fit the structural schematic of the earthly pyramids.

  The pictographic glyphs within the pyramid’s anteroom were easily deciphered by Clive with the help of the automon. According to their interpretation, the vast building was the resting place of a solitary entity, a very active and beguiling young Queen named Aset. The glyphic characters described her as an enchantress with supernatural strength who had traveled to the far stars and returned to rule over a vast empire within the Heisod nebula. Tiring of her duties she had the palatial pyramid built as an incubator, a resting place, in which to rejuvenate her theurgical powers. The ancient text also conveyed a stern warning to trespassers not to disturb the Queen’s rest. The automon’s reading of the text brought a smile to Clive’s face when it lapsed into a typical suffering and death curse found within the burial crypts he had apprenticed at as an archeological student back on Earth.
The Shroud of Aset appeared in Mythos Magazine