buff 2

Eidolon Buff

Obesity. Seems as though almost everyone you see walking on the street or lolling  in a Walmart has extra pounds of flesh to share. It couldn’t be any different anywhere else in the Galaxy, could it?  Maybe,  just maybe on a distant off-world the sentient beings found a nifty way to shed their unwanted um, belly fat……..

Here’s an excerpt:



“Channer Gering,” the adjudicator’s deep bass voice boomed. “You are guilty as charged under statute eleven-twenty-seven of the Cancri Conglomerate agreement: Removal of sedimentary rock fragments larger than two centimeters in diameter from Kriadore for export outside of the Cancri system without valid permission shall be punishable by physical imprisonment.”

In magnetic shackles, standing next to his appointed legal representative, Channer couldn’t believe the official regulators finding. All of the proper agreement papers between Earth and Kriadore procured under Australian Amalgamation law were in evidence, confirmed by a signed contract for a single slot rock mine.

Turning to his delegated savant pleader Channer whispered, “Can’t you do anything?”

“Your prestige, if I may,” the officially authorized legal pleader petitioned. “This is my client’s first and only offense. May it please your eminence to allow him the same privilege as a native Kriadorian, to work down his punishment as tradition prescribes?”

Before banging his gavel to sound the sentencing, the corpulent Antigorian arbitrator smirked. He looked down at the short, slim, towheaded Earthman. The arbitrator’s thick waist rolled as he held in his amusement. He cleared his throat to regain his composure.

“Henceforth, Channer Gering, you will be incarcerated in the penal facility on Trojian for a period of no more than twenty, nor less than ten years,” the adjudicator offered with a gravely chortle in his voice. He paused for dramatic effect letting his smile convey his benevolence. After taking a lingering sip of laspool from a goblet sitting on his bench to refresh his water glands, he smiled and continued his conciliatory judgment. “As an inducement for good behavior and early release you may reduce your sentence proportionately by participation in the Cancri contract fitness program.” Leaning forward from his chair the Antigorian leered down at Channer, “Do you so agree?”

“He does your eminence,” Channer’s court appointed trial serveoid responded.

The gavel banged.

“So be it!” The Antigorian arbitrator snorted his amusement aloud.


When it pulled enough energy to make the orange neon flash, the blinking sign over the fitness center entrance read Calypso’s Gym. Inside the squat geodesic building on the edge of New Sidney, the whack of punches landing on the heavy bag and the rhythmic tattoo of speed bags could be heard above the clanging sounds of the weight machines. The rumble and whine of the motorized elliptical treadmills, rowing machines and stationary bikes added to the cacophony of grunts, coughs and heavy breathing that filled the air.