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An Evening At Mount Baldy

Here’s an excerpt

“Okay Art, why the hell are you so insistent on screwin’ around here on Mount Baldy this late in the day?” Carl Ransom asked.
“Because of what you found while you and your excavating crew were digging the kid out of the sink hole.” Duggen offered in response.
“The weird looking metal shapes where the sand piled up on up the beach over the oak trees.”
“Shit , that’s nothin’ just some old metal stickin’ out of the dunes. Mount Baldy’s been movin’ stuff down the beach burying’ and exposin’ shit like that along the Indiana lakeshore for the last thousand years.”
“Sure, I know. But the metal must have some connection to the sink hole. Aren’t you the least bit curious?”
“I said I’d come along today, with my tool bag,” Ransom said, “but I don’t like it. The whole damn mound area’s been taped off with no traspassin’ signs , since we got the kid out. If the Park Rangers catch us pokin’ around up here, it won’t matter that you were the one filmin’ the kid’ rescue from the fuckin’ hole.”
“Don’t worry Carl, the Ranger’s are done for the day.”
“So, what’s the metal got to do with it?”
“Well, I got something else with my camera while I was filming, about a hundred feet from the sink hole. Another hunk of metal near a group of dead trees, downhill. Something the shore winds must have released from the sand. It looked like it might be some sort of a cover,” Duggen said. “Come on Carl, it’s over this way.”
“This it?” Ransom pointed to a depression in the downhill slope of the sand glinting in the last rays of the setting sun.
“You got it.” Duggen replied. “Give me the shovel from the tool bag; you grab the crowbar.”
On hands and knees, Duggen scooped at the sand around the edges to reveal an oddly shaped covering. Ransom easily loosened it with the crowbar. The lid popped open revealing a dark hole.
Ransom looked over Duggen’s shoulder down into the hole “What the hell do you think it is?”
“Pretty damn dark, Carl,” Duggen said. “Get a light.”
While Ransom foraged in his tool bag for a flashlight, Duggen pointed the LED of his iPod down into the newly uncovered darkness. “Stairs,” he said.
Ransom pulled the flashlight from the bag and handed it to Duggen. Following the light, the two moved down seven steps to emerge in an asylum like hallway that ran off in two directions.
Ransom skidded off of the bottom step. “Carefull, Art.” Ransom cautioned. Acoustics reverberate his warning with a dozen haunting echoes. His elbow smacked against the wall for balance. He almost dropped the tool bag. “Damn slippery,” he said managing to hold his footing. “Smells like a damn sewer in here.”
“Yah, like the tunnels in Nam, “Duggen responded. “Take a look at the markings on the walls. What do you think?”
“Maybe someone has been in here scoutin’ around before,” Ransom answered.
“Wonder when,” Duggen said more than asked. “Walls look like metal. Steel. Maybe lead…Come on.”
They moved along the hallway past another intersection with another entrance. Junctions like this occurred all along the hallway. The surrounding walls were covered in graffiti. “Looks like it’s writtin’ in blood,” Ransom said, “ ….strange writin’, somthin’ I can’t make out.”
“Latin or maybe Cyrillic…ancient,” Duggen offered.
“I guess….kinda’ spooky though.”
Duggen motioned. “Here take the light, I want to see if I can get this stuff on my iPod,” he said.
Ransom took the light and moved off along the hall trying to avoid the wet spots on the hallway floor while Duggen took pictures.
“Holy shit, look at this Art,” Ransom yelped. He pointed to a heap that resembled a decapitated body. It sat against the wall just past a junction within the next section of the hallway. The ceiling, covered with icicle like spikes, added to the grisly tableau illuminated by the flashlight he held.
“Some strange kind of a mineral shit Carl,” Duggen reassured. “Plays out pretty strange shapes when it drips down to form stalagmites.”
“Gives me the willies. I’ve seen enough of this shit. You sure you want to keep goin’?”
“Aw come on Carl, there’s nothing down here but you and me. I want to see what’s up ahead.””

An Evening At Mount Baldy appeared  in Lovecraft After Dark Anthology