Campfire Story

Years ago when I was a Boy Scout camping out at Camp Blackhawk, set back in the Michigan woods , many a tall tail was woven around the dying campfire by the campmaster. Most times these were simply heroic stories with a moral at the ending, Pecos Bill, John Henry, Black Hawk, Mike Fink and others but every once in a while…..

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Here’s an excerpt

The risen moon floated in the night sky above Camp Divide as the Camp Master, Hollister, led the Junior Space Cadets  in the camp welcome song.

Hollister was one of the first settlers on Phoebes in the Rebalon system after terrafoming began. Now a jowly, grey-haired grandfather figure with indelible lines at the corners of his mouth and wrinkles above his bushy white eyebrows, he was little more than a baby sitter.

A gifted story teller Hollister’s one remaining  joy was the telling of scary old storys on the first night of space camp. It always gave him a perverse thrill to arouse  fear in the minds of the young campers placed in his care for their two weeks at Camp Divide.

When the welcome song sung by the boys and girls ended, Hollister peered out through ancient steel rimmed glasses at the twenty-eight Space Cadets seated around the campfire. Almost as if it were planned a breeze moved through the giant terraformed trees rustling their leaves.

Hollister knew  that many of the children had never seen a tree before and none of them had ever heard tall timber creak and groan in the wind this way. To them all these sounds were new and scary.

Campfire Story appeared as the 42nd podcast from Cast Of Wonders. and now  appears in ifs IMAGINE FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION.