Blogging With The Moon

Watching the 2010 remake of Curt Siodmak’s story about Lawrence Talbot led me to consider how one of Larry’s namesake decedents might handle life on a new planet where modern conveniences go from a great idea to computer virus nightmare. Blogging is part of everyday life. So it was quite reasonable to believe that as a college professor Lawrence Talbot would keep a running weblog of his life, ever watchful, as the planets lone moon makes its yearly revolution in the night sky.

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Even a man who is pure in heart
And says his prayers by night
May become a wolf anywhere the wolf bane blooms
And the Moon is full and bright.
- Curt Siodmak 1941

Entry: 01.13.2195

Done it! Off-world contract is signed. Accepted the offer to teach Earth History and Ancient Folk-Ontology at the University Of  The Sunshine Coast Extension on Lacyon in the Canis Major galaxy. My life mate, Liz, will continue her horticultural research work on effects of Wolf Bane in the University’s greenhouse.

They understand my needs. To seal the arrangement the search committee agreed to build a custom designed house, off campus in New Queens, for Liz and I. Something we have always dreamed about. We’ll cover the cost of the special upgrades. Liz is with me on this move. Thinks it’s the right thing to do to get away from bad publicity I received from my inherited affliction last year during the change at the University of Wales .

Can’t wait to get started with this exciting, new challenge. We’ll be on our way before the first spring full moon rises here on Earth.

I’m truly grateful.

Entry: 03.05.2195

This is it. We board the Quantas interstellar in fifteen minutes. What an impressive looking ship. Liz is almost as excited as I.

Should have done this years ago before I got a bad rap for my cursed ill temper. Be on board soon and safely on Lacyon within the month. Lacyon is unique. One of the only habitable planets with a single moon, and that moon circles the planet only once a year.

I’m really thankful.

Entry: 04.24.2195

Met the University Chancellor today. Received the access code to our special home here in New Australia. Visited the building site. Main cylinders are just about completed. Good strong gate. Bars on all the windows. The masonry serveoids are almost done with the double wall exterior brick work and the interior designer’s units finish decorating on Monday. Watched two Energex serveoids connect the shared broadcast power grid to the built-in turbine and the geothermal energy pod. Should be a great plascash saver. Tomorrow the ComSat technicians are due to mount the astrolink dish then hook-up the bedroom wall-mount and great room holovisions.

Telstra, New Queen’s telecable company, will be around to install the in-house Cyber Object “Domicile” program complex for the processor and the interconnect junction box for the home monitoring protection service.

Everything has been moving along since our arrival on Lacyon. We’ll be able to take up permanent residence by 05.18.2195.

New moon tonight.

It’s wonderful to be here.


Blogging With the Moon was podcast on Castmacabre and  appears in ifs IMAGINE FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION.