On Sandakan’s purple far side night

Under a double penumbrae moon

As rare as midnight light

A dervish whirls to a tune


Played on a gold gild dulcimer

By a waif like maid in trance

Who’s melodious music murmur

Does make all night things dance


Round a burning campfire set

To spell the long night away

And keep malevolent spirits threat

At bay until the break of day


Then the tolling of a single bell

From some tall and distant tower

Brakes this sweet enchanted spell

Causing older dancing things to cower


For this single moaning metal tone

Announced to one and all

The umbra night has flown

And a morning ship has come to call


Stopping here in early flight

It descends onto the fertile land

Lighting up the waning night

And slowly comes to resting stand


Malignant spirits disembark the ship

Then chase the Masdevallia down

Gathering on this harvest trip

All night things now full grown


Masdivillia appeared in print  on the pages of Bull Spec Magazine and  now appears in ifs IMAGINE FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION.