Do you Remember Him

He fell at,
Bunker Hill,
White Marsh
And Saratoga.

He Gave
His all
At New Orleans.

His last breath
Came near Antietam,
Little Round Top
And Gettysburg.

On San Juan Hill
His body lies
Under tall
Green grass.

By Belleau Wood
Near poppy fields
He died of
Mustard gas.

On a beach
In Normandy.

He froze
From the cold
At Ardennes.

He lies
Under Midway’s sea.
And the hot jungle
Of Saipan.

In a shallow
He was left
On Hill 255.

The dirt of
Kae Sanh
Became his final
Resting place.

So did
Da Nang
Chu Che.
And the sands
Of Fallujah too.

Do you remember
The American
Who died for you?