Crystal Wings

Six celestial days pass; dark nights too,
in the far Pleiades formation.
Watching the refracted nebulosity view
of the spiraled galaxies rotation,

She sits alone under a double bluish sun
beneath her moon’s ionospheric wave,
waiting for the return of the one
to whom unrequited love she gave.

A strange creature who lives in space
flitting from one galaxy to another;
whose current ontology may trace
details of his beginning to an earth mother.

Drawn together those six long days ago,
due to a mutual entomological attraction,
caused by his deep need to know
about her wings multifaceted diffraction.

Epistemology may prove a tie to seeing,
thought never proving a justification,
that a link to an earth’s fair skinned being
was true cause for their separation.

Because she of family Lycaenidae
to him was no more than cyan cast,
flashing crystal wings that move to fly,
only stirring while blue light last.

While he goes on to catalogue new things,
beyond the deep green of cosmic night,
savoring his annotations of crystal wings
describing her multicolored first flight.


Crystal Wings appeared in print on the pages of Sounds Of The Night Magazine and now appears in ifs IMAGINE FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION.