Beware It Rhymes

A tid is seen on cabbage heads

and sometimes near its mound

when one is discovered

Martian children circle round.


A tid is one of nature’s tricks

its existence to confound

for it is utterly unlike

any other feline around.


A tid makes the strangest pet

on no other planet found.

living only here on Mars

it doesn’t weigh a pound

A tid is fun to play with

because it can make a sound

that mimics other things on Mars

as it runs across the ground.


A tid is best at one thing

it really can compound

imitating metrical text

both the silly and profound.


So, if

a tidy cat on Mars you find,

don’t listen to it expound.

Its versification will give you

a headache.


Beware It Rhymes appeared on line in the E-zine Hennens Observer