A Certain Number Of K’in

Ever since reading about the Maya in National Geographic as a youngster their advanced civilization has fascinated me. Especialy the Maya reliance on prophesy from the sun and stars to conger up an end time day, That number, totally associated with the Mesoamerican clan, sets the date for the end of of the current world on their b’ak’tun stone. The ‘Coda of the Sun,’ inscribed theron, indicates that great thought was put into the historical prophesies seen on the great stone. It also shows the fully developed written phonetic language that the expert Mayan craftmen carved as delicate glyphs into the stele.

Here’s an excerpt:

Our duty is to preserve what the past has had to say foritself,and to say for ourselves what shall be true of the future – John Ruskin


Such was the warmth and humidity of the noontime that even the howler monkeys with their spine-chilling, deep-throated, prehistoric roaring noise, which always reverberated spookely through the undergrowth, were quiet. It was impossible to escape the muggy heat. The one room rectangular building with rounded corners, no windows, and one central door sat at the lower north extremity of the great central temple plaza. A thick palm leaved roof was the only protector of the sole inhabitant from the sullen midday heat risers that followed the light mist of the winter morning’s rain across the lowland.

From his crouched position, looking out from behind a half closed door Xantippe could see a dancing mirage move down the steps of the Temple of Inscriptions and out onto the open square. He lazily followed the flickers of reverberating light escaping into the blue of the sky without thinking of the manifestation’s cause. The apparition slowly resolved into three distinct shapes. As the tallest part of the illusion materialized into a shape, a head covering glistening in the shimmering haze of the noonday sun, he realized that theforms flowing across the glaze of the polished stone were moving toward his simple shelter.

Flanked by two bare skinned warriors, the middle figure strode resolutely toward Xantippe’s bungalow.

A Certain Number of K’in appears in ifs IMAGINE FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION