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Hummmm - the 140 character evolution of the weblog.

When it comes to Twitter, knowing exactly where you should twit your time away is key. Knowing who to follow, who to meet, who to friend and who to tweet can make all the difference between a thriving marketing tool or a dormant page of unread re-tweets. It takes a gifted writer to compress a blog of a thousand words down to a measly 140 characters.

The string theory of tweeting is this: The more followers you have, the more noticeable your presence, the more followers you’re likely to get, and the more reach you will have, the more books you will sell. Sounds simple enough, Having more followers may give out a perception of clout, but engaged Tweeters can usually see if the Twitterers content quality is useful or just plain sucks.

But take heart. Illusion is part of the art of marketing on the mini weblog of the Twitter. Surely, it’s not about honesty. It’s about perception. Perception is reality… so what perception does your 140 character tweets give to your followers? Can it match your weblog?

Oh, I forgot to ask, “how many books did you last Tweet move followers to purchase?”  What’s that you say?  You’re right!  Twittering isn’t enough –  it’s enough to drive you to Blog.