Night Film

Buzz Blitz.

Hummm - Blurring the line between Novel and Film

Night Film, is a gorgeously written, spellbinding new novel that will hold you in suspense until you turn the final page  - so writes the dazzlingly inventive Marisha Pessl.

Marisha Pessl currently lives in New York City but grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, graduating from Asheville High School. Very creative, she began writing mysteries as a very young child. After attending Northwestern University where she majored in Film and Television, Marisha transferred to Barnard College in New York changing her major to Contemporary Literature with a minor in Playwriting.

Upon graduation from college Marisha was hired by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. During that time she was also writing a novel called The Anatomy of Butterflies, later re-titled  Memoir of an American Girl. Two years later, after moving to London, she finished the book, which went on to be re-titled again as Special Topics in Calamity Physics. It became a New York Times bestseller, published in 30 countries, and the New York Times book of the year.

Now Marisha is using all of her collected knowledge and talent, utilizing all the latest technologies e.g. Internet, video, etc., producing book trailer short-films  to build a Buzz Blitz that promotes her newest book, Night Film.

Take a look at the her advance sales building technique; something for other authors to consider. Marisha has produced a set of six videos that are growing in views day by day. More than just interesting to say the least, downright Buzz worthy!


Okay, can someone tell me, who the hell is Stanislas Cordova? For more information visit her website at: or even better yet buy the book!