blind spot

Blind Spot

Indie Sci-Fi Film

It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety. – Isaac Asimov

A  scotoma, is an obscuration in our mental field. Essentially a scotoma is a blind spot, information that we fail to recognize or account for. We’ve all had the experience of failing to notice  something important or failing to connect with a background sound. Without meaning to, we simply miss the message.

The brain extrapolates a blind spot based upon the importance of surrounding information or oftentimes from the lack of such perceived information. Heavily concentrating on an immediate problem often blinds us in vision or deafens us in hearing enough to cause a scotoma. And scotoma happens to the best of us – we see only what we need to see and hear only what we need to hear.

Take our friend, Steven in this sci-fi story by writer, director Matthew Nayman.

While driving the busy interstate, Steven is so involved in working out his  flight connection  problem on his cell phone that he can’t imagine how his day can possibly get any worse. But it does because he has just missed the message, and unfortunately for Steven this scotoma can turn out to be fatal.



Nayman’s dramatic depiction in this apocalyptic scene is a brilliant exercise in scotoma. The casual misdirection that Nayman develops through the intense cell phone conversation of his protagonist plays out well against the backgrounds almost subliminal action and sounds. Even the subtle visual play on words of the pieces title  cannot be overlooked at the conclusion of the film. Blind Spot transcends the limitations of its single setting to produce an apocalyptic sci-fi tale in gristly detail void of the usual clichés.

And we get the message.